What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The task of a search engine is to provide 'accurate' results for a query. Now it sounds simple, but that's a whole lot of work. Imagine you were building a search engine - ignore the technical aspects for a moment, and lets say you're the director of 'quality control' - you're responsible for the search engine being 'accurate', your task is to order around the engineers till they provide you with a search engine that provides 'accurate' results. Say you typed 'weather in Manila', the search engine would provide lots of websites related to weather in Manila. The question you're supposed to answer is "How do I rank these websites in order of accuracy / relevance to the user's request" or "That's a lot of results, which one should I show on the top?". The answer to this question is precisely, what SEO is all about. If you're the technical guy building the search engine, you're thinking about the mathematical formula to use so that the calculations of 'relevance' can be made and the most accurate or 'best fit' results can be provided.

Other SEO Services
Regional SEO

Helping local businesses reach out to their potential customers / prospective leads in their specified region at a marketing cost which is simply ‘peanuts’.

Small Business SEO

We create that robust online presence for small to mid-size entities to help them earn the maximum returns by investing bare minimum in marketing efforts.

Social Media Optimization

Making the optimum use of social networking platforms to provide that extensive online reach to our business partners globally.