The basic features you should look for when selecting a web host. Once you understand your needs, look at your selection of web hosts.

1. 24/7 reliable tech support
2. Your own domain name
3. Sufficient monthly transfer (traffic) and disk storage for your website needs
4. POP3/Webmail email accounts, email aliases and autoresponders
5. Scripting support as your website requires
6. Unlimited free access to your server via FTP
7. Easy access to your log files
8. Referral program

Before you begin your search, analyze your needs. What features does your website require? What features are good-to-have? And what features are critical?

Things to think about:
1. What programming language will you be using?
2. Do you need a database?
3. Do you need email addresses?
4. Do you have a domain name?
5. How much bandwidth do you expect to use?
6. How much disk space do you need?
7. What is your budget?

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